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Stay Ahead of Your Finances...
and Worry Less About Your Wealth!

If you are looking for a specific recommendation in this book to buy mutual fund x or invest in ABC stock, you will not find it. I think that is very unwise to tell someone to do anything with her money unless I really know her situation. A doctor would never write a book and tell you to go take a certain pill regardless of your health status. Neither will I tell you to do something specific. Instead, this book is meant to open your eyes to the options of different financial products and different ways to get advice. I provide open and honest opinions of the financial planning industry and its products and how they work. Lastly, I try to make sure you will be able to see the warning signs in your own financial planning before you run into problems. The number one stumbling block with financial success seems to be overcoming our human nature. Managing our fears, controlling our impulses and, planning for long-term growth rather than short terms gains are all items that require us to overcome natural human instincts. I hope that you enjoy this book and, most importantly, that you take action to make a change in your financial plan once you have finished it.

Below is a list of some of the topics covered within the book - Worry less Wealth:

  • Be Properly Prepared for the 2013 tax law changes
  • Keep Your Money Safer from Loss
  • How to Create a Personal Lifetime Pension
  • Must Have Alternative Investments
  • Learn How to Properly Pass on Your Wealth
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  Eric Heckman with HFIS, Inc.
Meet the author
Eric Heckman!

Eric is the primary planner and oversees of the firm Heckman Financial & Insurance Services. His specialty is creating simple solutions to complex financial problems.
The Book Worry Less Wealth by Eric Heckman  
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